Women’s Clinic

Our Women’s Clinic is run by Dr Cathy Neilopovitz and we offer the following services: Routine Paps Annual Physicals Breast Examinations

TB Testing

Need a TB test for that new job? Starting a course that requires a TB test? We can help! We offer TB testing seven days a week – from 10am-4pm. Go to “Talk to a Doctor, book a TB Appointment and that is the time that you will come into the clinic for your first TB visit. TB testing requires […]

Procedure Clinics

Have an ingrown toe nail? A mole that needs some attention? We can help! Have your family doctor fax us a referral and our office will call you with an appointment. If you are a patient at our clinic, ask the doctor that you are seeing for a referral and stop by the front desk on your way out and […]

Flu shots

Availability of flu shots will be advised in due course.